Shipping Schedule

KOBEBEEF ONLINE uses four steps procedure, 1. Place an order, 2. Prepare for a shipment, 3. Shipping, 4. Deliver to customers. ORDER CUT-OFF TIME IS MIDNIGHT (12AM).

For example, if you place an order 11:59 pm on Tuesday, the first delivery date is on Friday. However, if you order at 12:01 am on Wednesday, the first delivery will be arriving by next Wednesday. This is because the delivery service only operates on business days so please take this into consideration because these products are perishiable

Place an order Order preparation Shipping Estimated arrival day
Mon Tue Wed Thu
Tue Wed Thu Fri
Wed Sun Tue Wed
Thu Sun Tue Wed
Fri Sun Tue Wed
Sat Sun Tue Wed
Sun Tue Wed Thu

*The estimated arrival date in the chart is a high possibility of the delivery date. Although due to any circumstances, it will be varied and we will not take responsibility for a delay from the estimated arrival date. If you place an order for a special occasion, please give yourself plenty of time to plan it.

4 Steps Until You Receive Your Package

1. Placing an Order

During the placing of an order, you will not be able to see the estimated delivery date. Delivery date will be based on the date you complete your order. It is automatically set up according to the shipping schedule chart. If you need to know estimated arrival time please refer to the shipping page. Please make sure to check the shipping schedule especially estimated arrival time before you complete your order.

2. Preparations for the Shipment

Once your order is confirmed, it will be cut and sealed then put in freezer for at least One day. This process is critical for shipping perishable products further away from our store in Markham. That is why a couple days are required to complete shipping process. To retain the low temperatures needed to prevent spoiling of the meat, it will be placed in a foam cooler box with ice packs.

3. Shipping

After your order is shipped out from us, you will receive shipping confirmation email with tracking number. Please track your order through Fedex tracking number and not our order number.

4. Delivery to customers

It is very important monitor the status of your order to receive your package in person. We waive a signature release to prevent your package from being stored at a warehouse. Please note that the Fedex driver will leave your package in front of your door if nobody is at home, however if you live in condo or apartment, they will have to bring it back to the warehouse. Do not forget to provide necessary info in order to deliver your order in person such as buzzer code. If you got a delivery notice from Fedex driver, because nobody answered, please call them to arrange delivery your order if possible. If not please get your order from the Fedex location as soon as possible. We will not take any responsibility for the damage of steaks. If you plan to have your wagyu steaks at a later date, please keep it in the freezer until the time comes.