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Monthly Subscription (1000g)

Purchase options

1000g of plan for family, each shipping will contain 2 – 6 steak cuts.

Cancel or postpone policy

For cancellations, the amount refunded will be determined on what plan you have purchased and how far into your plan you have cancelled. Admission fee will be also applied as well. The admission fee will range from 10% - 16% depending on which plan you have purchased. 

The refund amount will vary depending on how far into your subscription you are. For example, if there are 2 people with the same plan, the person who cancelled 8 months into the plan will receive less of a refund than the person who cancelled 3 months into the plan. This is because the amount of product that the person has received is different. Then we will take out the percentage of admission fee from your subscription total refund amount.

You also can pause your plan by notifying us a month in advance. Just tell us how long you want to pause the plan and when will it be restarted. If you have any further concerns please contact to


Can I change the subscription’s shipping address each time?

Unfortunately, you can’t change shipping address. 

When can I expect the delivery for the subscription?

Each packages will be delivered to the address where customers provided in middle of month, 13th ~ 18th. 

Can I change the subscription plan to one of the other plan in the middle of term?

In the case, you need to cancel your present plan, then purchase the other plan you are interested in. Regarding canceling, please check canceling policies. 

What do I get if I would purchase subscription?

We carry a variety of Japanese Wagyu brands and cuts. Our major steak cuts are Striploin and Ribeye, however some other cuts included in the subscription are a limited selection of Shoulder, Knuckle, Top sirloin, Ichibo (Sirloin cap). We like to include these different cuts into the subscription to let people try the different cuts of the Wagyu that a lot of people may not know.