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Digital Gift Card


This digital gift card can be used for KOBEBEEF ONLINE products.

Once you purchase this gift card you will receive an email with unique code  to redeem the value of gift card for the future purchase. 

*Please make sure you can receive email form us.

There is no expiration date. 

How the digital gift card works

You can pay selected items and the shipping fee by redeeming the gift card. You can use more than 2 gift cards at once. If the total balance is over the value of gift cards, a second payment methods such as credit card information will be required. *Please note that you can not purchase gift card by gift card.

Once you purchase a gift card, you will receive an electronic gift card by email. If you are planning to use the gift card as a gift, you can forward the email of the electronic gift card to the person you would like to gift it to. There are no expiration dates for gift cards. Please note that gift cards are non refundable.


I purchased digital gift card but I haven’t received electronic gift card by email. What should I do?

You can click “Resend gift card” from your order confirmation email.

Is there any way to check card balance?

You can not check your balance but we can check it and it is also possible to send information.

Can I customize the value of digital gift card?

Unfortunately you can not customize the amount.

Can I give this gift card to someone who live out of Ontario?

Yes but we ship packages out within Ontario. Please consider shipping area before place an order.